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So, we've now played our first gigs of this fall tour and its been great! Thank's to all of you who came to hear us! Think we had 10 brand new tunes on our setlist! :) We've also recorded a new album with the Finale-band! We plan to release it in the beginning of next year, sometime. Stay tuned!


ALSO: Working on music for a sort of extended version of the Finale-band. And Gothenburg Art Ensemble is making a comeback next year! Wow! Stay tuned for more info on everything! Alright, bye!


Hello I'm William, a Swedish drummer, composer and arranger. Welcome to my webpage! Please have a look around and don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to buy a record, book my bands or talk to me in real life!

8/11 - William Soovik Grand Finale, Storan, Göteborg (Ej offentligt!)
9/11 - William Soovik Grand Finale, Tre Trappor, Tranemo
10/11 - William Soovik Grand Finale, Älmhult Music & Arts
24/11 - Eva Kruse Quintet - Frankfurt
5/12 - William Soovik Grand Finale - Halmstad Jazzklubb

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