Recently finished up the huge project Gothenburg Art Ensemble, together with my friend Malin Wättring! It's been so intense that I completely have forgotten to update my website. Like anyone cares! Anyway, here I go. I'm on, sort of, a partial parental leave during the fall but still have a couple of little gigs coming up. Dates below!


Grand Finale might be done for the year, but you never know. At least we have some nice live videos coming out soon. Stay tuned for those. Alright, see ya!


Hello I'm William, a Swedish drummer, composer and arranger. Welcome to my webpage! Please have a look around and don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to buy a record, book my bands or talk to me in real life!


7/10 - Bäckbrothers Jazztivoli, Utopia Jazz, Gothenburg
12/10 - Husbandet, Utopia Jazz, Gothenburg
21/10 - Lina Melander, Hallstaberget, Sollefteå
3/11 - Tobias Andersson Silent Cities, Utopia Jazz, Gothenburg